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Tasty – Healthy

Every dish at the Govinda’s  features its own distinct flavor and personality and is made from the freshest ingredients. For those who have never eaten at Govinda’s, we make the experience an easy one. At the Govinda’s, not heat is what makes our dishes stand out. Our entries include a unique blend of spices that are full of flavour, yet mild enough for children to enjoy. Only the fines and freshest vegetables, which come fresh from the farmer’s market, find their way into our kitchen. Once there, they are cooked with the best spices and pure light vegetable oil to bring out the true flavours. lets embark on a tailor made trip to the world of karma free food consisting of a wide array of warm Indian and International cuisine. Our culinary experts promise to take your taste buds into soul s...

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2018 Prices 100 Guests – R 18 200.00 150 Guests – R 22 700.00 200 Guests – R 26 700.00 250 Guests – R 31 200.00 300 Guests – R 35 600.00 350 Guests – R 39 500.00 400 Guests – R 42 600.00 450 Guests – R 45 200.00 500 Guests – R 47 200.00