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Jhulan Yatra

21 Aug – 26 Aug 2018. So during this (rainy) season, everything is so blossoming, blooming and fragrant in all directions, and at that time the devotees of Vrindavan – and Brijawasis especially headed by the most confidential associates of Shri Radharani and Lord Govinda – they arrange under the direction of Brindadevi,beautiful, beautiful Jhulan, or swing for Radha and Krishna to enjoy together upon. And there are unlimited ways in which Radha Govinda enjoy their Jhulan Yatra.  Sometimes they make a swing shaped like a lotus flower, where Radha and Krishna sit in the middle and the eight Sakhis and principal Manjiris and everyone sit on the same swing and then Gopis make that go. And sometimes Radha and Krishna sit together on this swing. And sometimes Radharani puts her friends on the swing and pushes it because she wants everyone to enjoy the wonderful loving emotion or devotion of being with Krishna. But generally, when we think of Jhulan Yatra, Radha Krishna sit on the beautiful swing which is so wonderfully decorated by their confidential associates, decorated in such a way that all of the wealth and opulence of the world can never compare.

So the swings of Radha and Krishna are decorated with the beautiful flowers and leaves and creepers of Braja, and as they sit together enjoying the company of one another, all of the devotees find supreme satisfaction – in seeing Radha and Krishna enjoying together. That is the ultimate satisfaction of all the pure liberated souls of Vrindavan.  They do not want anything for themselves; they only want to somehow or other, in any way possible, be of some assistance to the beautiful pleasurable pastimes enjoyed between and Radha and Krishna.

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